Shilajit Gold Review: Herbal Remedy Without Established Therapeutic Effect

Dabur Shilajit Gold

Review and Description:

Shilajit Gold is different from its counterparts as this is an herbal remedy not only indicated for Erectile Dysfunction but for other uses as well. The product is manufactured by Dabur India Ltd. which is a company producing Ayurvedic medicines and has been operating since 1884.

According to the information about the company, it is the “leading” Indian consumer goods manufacturer dealing with a number of products involving Health, Oral, Skin, Hair, and Home Care. Regarding the approvals of the regulating authorities like the Indian/USFDA, however, there was no mention, since the company is dealing mostly with herbal remedies.

As mentioned, Shilajit Gold is not intended only for , but for a number of illnesses as well. But its main function is to improve stamina, vitality, and vigor. The main contents of the drug include Ayurvedic herbs like Shilajit, Kesar, Swarna Bhasma, and a number of herbs more. These herbs are believed to cure a number of illnesses and improve the general health as well.

Customer Reviews:

Shilajit Gold Customer Experience
Shilajit Gold Customer Experience
Shilajit Gold Customer Reports
Shilajit Gold Customer Reports
Shilajit Gold Reviews
Shilajit Gold Reviews

There are a number of reviews found for Shilajit Gold, and surprisingly, they came from a broad spectrum of users and not only from buyers intended to use the product for ED. For instance, Anna Smith inquired on the product’s effectiveness as she used it to improve her urticaria and she mentioned the product being effective on her condition, but expressed concern that the product may have an effect on her pregnancy.

The product had mixed reviews from the buyers too; Amazon buyers rated the product erratically as some clients rated it 1/5 for being a “fake” product without obvious effects, 3/5 for being a holistic/general health medication instead of being an ED drug, and 5/5 for being effective. All those reviews were from verified purchases from, so it’s quite difficult to judge whether the product was really effective or not.

“Verified” buyers from rated the product either 4/5 or 5/5 for being allegedly effective, and there was even a mention of the product being effective for sexual use. But, these reviews were just found on the site of the seller, so there’s really much doubt on the authenticity of these claims for Shilajit.

Pricing and Dosage:

Shilajit Gold Prices
Shilajit Gold Prices

Shilajit Gold is sold in the market in form of capsules and can be bought on for at least $28.99 for 30 capsules. There is no specific formulation of the active ingredients of the product, so basically the capsules are sold in one form alone.

Most recommendations for taking Shilajit Gold is 1 to 2 capsules a day and with milk. But, most of the answers from forums online suggest consulting the doctor before using the product, although it is herbal in nature.

How to Buy Shilajit Gold Online:

The product may be bought in a number of sources online, on Amazon, All Herbal Supplements, and Dabur Snapdeal. Though Indian-made, the product may also be bought by clients worldwide via these online stores.

Being an herbal medication, taking Shilajit Gold does not really require a prescription, although there were recommendations by a number of users to consult with the respective GPs before ordering or taking Shilajit Gold, especially by pregnant women, or by people who are with special medical considerations.

How to Use:

Although Shilajit Gold is indicated for the improvement of Vigor, Power, and Stamina, which are all traits that can be related to ED, Shilajit Gold is recommended for people who wish to improve their overall health. The general instruction for Shilajit Gold’s use is 1-2 capsules daily and with milk.

Side Effects:

Since Shilajit Gold is purely an herbal medication, there were no reported side effects regarding its use. The only negative effect is seen so far (based on the customer comments) was the drug being ineffective for anything.

Though Shilajit Gold does not have reports of adverse effects or special interactions, patients should take caution on using this drug as it had not been regulated or checked by the FDA. In fact, there were several countries prohibiting its importation as analyses show that Shilajit Gold contains lead, mercury, and arsenic which are considered therapeutic by Ayurvedic medicine.

Conclusion with Rating:

Shilajit Gold by Dabur India Ltd. is a famous herbal remedy for ED but also for other health conditions as well. It is believed to include herbs which were believed to have healing properties and deemed effective by Ayurvedic medicine.

There is a wide range of the conditions Shilajit Gold allegedly treats, but really, there aren’t any one-capsule-fits all in the medical field. The reviews for Shilajit Gold are mixed, as some buyers attest to its effectiveness in various conditions, especially in increasing the sexual drive. Although some buyers were positive about the results brought about by the herbal remedy, there was also a number who remained skeptical about its results.

Dabur India Ltd. is a popular choice for herbal remedies and supplements since it has long been established in the country. Regarding the therapeutic side of its products, however, there is still much question, as the USFDA approvals of its products have not been established yet.

Though generally non-Rx, herbal remedies should be properly researched before taking. If possible, the opinion of doctors should be sought before taking Shilajit Gold for any type of medical condition, even for general health or a specific ailment. For Shilajit Gold, I think 2 out of 5 will suffice since it’s an herbal remedy which has no established therapeutic effect yet.

Brand: Shilajit Gold

Active Ingredient:

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Dabur

Country of Manufacture: India

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