Mankind Manforce 50 mg Review: Affordable and Reliable ED Treatment Option

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Review and Description:

Mankind Pharma Pvt. Ltd. also has its own Sildenafil version in the form of Manforce 50, another Sildenafil treatment added in the pool of generic versions of Viagra, a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction among males. Since ED had been a recurring problem in the aging male population, companies strive to have alternatives for the expensively-priced Viagra so that the general public can afford to buy high-quality ED meds.

Manforce 50 is one of whose action is to aid ED patients to attain erections by increasing blood flow to the penile tissue, therefore inducing an erection. But the drug’s action does not only stop there, as the Sildenafil content of the product also maintains the erection for hours.

The company which manufactured Manforce 50 is Mankind Pharma, a 1986-built company with currently operating in 15 countries, manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical products to clients worldwide. However, even if the company is adherent to cGMP and received accreditation from the Indian FDA and other countries’ FDA equivalents, Mankind Pharma’s USFDA approval is not mentioned, although the site information says that its machinery/facilities were designed to comply with the USFDA’s standards.


Manforce 50 Testimonial
Manforce 50 Testimonial
Manforce 50 Feedback
Manforce 50 Feedback has a thread for Manforce 50 and one of the user comments came from Alok. The user said that he found Manforce 50 as the most effective amongst all the ED products he has tried before. had a patient query about Manforce 50 which was responded to by Dr. Pankaj Borade, one of the doctors affiliated with the website. The user asked about Manforce’s effectiveness as an ED medication and about other bits regarding the use and general function of the product. The doctor explained that Manforce 50 indeed helps patients to attain an erection, but the doctor mentioned that the patient needs to be aroused for the drug to work. Erections may also be maintained by Manforce 50 up to 5 hours.

Pricing and Dosage:

Manforce-50 Cost
Manforce-50 Cost sets Manforce 50’s price at $1.50 per one pill with a minimum purchase of 9 pills, which is actually very affordable. The product is available in 50 mg and 100 mg formulations and the dosage to take is to be decided on by the approving physician. Similar with the other ED prescriptions, Manforce 50 is only an as-needed pill and is not to be taken daily as a supplement.

How to Buy Mankind Manforce 50 mg Online:

Manforce 50 is available both in local markets (India) and the internet market (international), as the product is included mostly on drug lineups in most virtual drugstores. Rx is required in ordering Manforce 50, but certain stores boast of having a no-prescription-needed promo, although the vendor does not have its own online consultation service, which is rather dubious. So buyers should beware and carefully choose their sellers when it comes to these meds.

How to Use:

Patients should first consult with their physicians for the recommended dose of Manforce. The drug is advised to be taken as needed only and not every day. It is advised to consume Manforce 50 about one hour before the sexual activity, as it may take a bit more time to work due to its need to be absorbed by the body first.

The only ones prescribed with Manforce or any ED medication are patients who are truly suffering from ED and not just people who desire a different sexual experience.

Side Effects:

There are certain people who may experience side effects from Manforce 50, but sometimes no side effects are noted by the patients at all. But common occurrences among users include having headaches, diarrhea, stuffy nasal passageways, flushes, nausea, and dizziness. These are not necessarily the only ones that users may experience, as not all users react to Sildenafil the same way. But in case any of the marked symptoms become bothersome, patients have to get assessed by their GPs and should discontinue Manforce 50’s use right away.

A lot of maintenance/treatment/prescription meds are known to interact with Manforce 50’s active ingredient, Sildenafil, so it’s imperative that patients consult with their doctors to see if they are eligible to take the medication. It is also advised that users should not take alcohol or combine other ED with it or Premature Ejaculation treatments with Manforce.

Conclusion with Rating:

Manforce 50 by Mankind Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is one of the many options a patient has for generic Erectile Dysfunction alternatives. Pharmaceutical companies keep on making generic alternatives for the highly-priced branded meds so that the general population may gain access to medications also.

Based on the comments for Manforce 50, it is an effective agent for treating ED. A doctor from a forum also affirmed the product’s effectiveness in helping clients who are suffering from ED. But there were not many available client product reviews for Manforce 50, and it surely would have aided formulating a better evaluation for the product had it had more reviews.

As Manforce 50 is manufactured by Mankind Pharma, clients are assured that the products they are going to receive are only of high quality. Manforce 50 isn’t approved by USFDA yet, though. But the fact that it is exported to other countries implies that the other countries’ FDA equivalents approve of the drug.

Manforce is an effective agent for ED and it came from a reputable meds manufacturer, so it can be awarded a decent 4 out of 5 points rating. It is one of the most affordable ED meds in the market too and its price is surely affordable by patients who are looking to buy a reliable but a not-so-expensive option.

Brand: Manforce

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Mankind Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

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